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Fire at one end and fool at the other end..
Yes it’s me ,I make certain of it, I am…
Conceived with thoughts , that blew up there so fast
A cloud in heart and de broken me..

How did this happen ,crux of quest crucifying me..
Are those the nails which stings me? Ufff.. so hard
Popping up solitude ,putting me to death
How long this could take my breath

Blurred in the fumes, poisoned is my essences
I still inhale until I stop
Flesh and blood all around, but none I could take
For you made me so cold, how did u?

Earths of imagination reckoned me so long
Immense suppositions left deposition in me so deep
Sensation of pain striving me so hard
Thoughts of hearts driving me out of cord

Out of senses u made me rejoice
So flurry am I, so crystalized is you
Victimized me, u linger around
I concede I confess ,but u have sealed me down

When did I start loving?
Why did I start this fuming?
Blessing me grievous, sustains you with smile
As u bid such wish , I lose forever……….

Title – Why did I start smoking ? || Why did I start loving?

–Mahalakshmi Thanasingh

With grace of radiant vitality
Fostering desire to eyes that view
Bloom on a summer
My monsoon Lilly,…

My desire took me higher and higher
Anticipation echoed on color and glow
Like the essence of all beautiful art
Was it you beloved Lilly to my heart!

Was that you ??? Is that you???
Supposition Ring you around as ripples!- I knew
I wish me as your stalk for unseen is my world
Your bloodless white keeps me immersed….

Hopes the ropes shackled me to beauty
Rains of pains awaited me so nearby
For I forgot my baby
“Monsoon Lilly wither so fast !!!”

A mistake or a known self fraud
Hope so , it’s not – I wanted your ever green smile…
I could not believe you could wither off
Just withered off leaving me despaired !

Wear my tear drops as dew drops to you?
Was I too the same as the breeze that once felt you??
Where is the radiance you smiled to me with????
No!!! don’t shackle me with chain of illusions please !!

Never wither off…
Don’t drop me dead baby… 😥

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The World-Wide-Web is laced with people  using a bunch of browsers that are exceptionally adept, outstandingly competent and universally dominant, then why and how did the need for a new browser arise? Well, we hope the following answers your inquistions.

Alok Bharadwaj of Hidden Reflex, a software firm based in Bangalore, India, has developed and announced the first-ever Indian web browser which is also the world’s first web browser to feature built-in antivirus and anti-phishing protection – that’s something unheard of, right?

That’s not the only thing which is new –  the  features a unique browser layout design which is customized to suit the Indian browsing traits. It allows tabbed-browsing with tabs lined-up at the top, just as you’d expect  to see in Firefox or Opera web browsers.

An integrated side bar on the left provides you quick access to a wide range of tools including some integrated apps like orkut, facebook and twitter which are undoubtedly the most favorite social networking sites preferred by the Indian web-goers.

The sidebar also allows one-touch access to the browser’s integrated anti-virus which scans downloads automatically and kills viruses, if any. Furthermore, widgets like google maps, skins, jobs, news, gmail, yahoo, games and many more are also included.

There are to-do and notes apps which allow you to keep things noted and organized. The  also boasts an inbuilt document editor which  allows you to edit/compose documents on the go while the My Computer button allows you to access the files on your disk without navigation away from the browser.

The  can be customized with over 1500 free applications that integrate into the browser to add to its functionality. The Indic app in the browser lets you type in about 12 Indian languages.

Also, you can watch videos in a small window pane inside the browser as you check your mail or browse the web without having to switch the tab or navigate to another page.We’ve also noticed that the browser automatically detects if there are any embedded videos on the page and prompts for permission whether to play it in the sidepane or elsewhere.

The  is developed on Mozilla Firefox and therefore supports about 10,000 firefox plug-ins which can be installed on the browser. Support for most popular apps including yahoomessenger, cricinfo which provides online cricket scores, bookmyshow for movie-goers and hundreds more of the likes have also been included.

Epic is the first Indian browser and certainly one of the most powerful web browsers out there yet. Don’t just take our word for it, you may want to try this browser with antivirus yourself. It’s absolutely free.

You can get ur browser for free here

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Let it reach the 110 crores Indians and the remaining if any.

Put yourself, if you or your brother or sister or your mom and dad or any x, y, z near you, got affected, then how u would have reacted, think it, Forward it.

‘Imitinef Mercilet’ is a medicine which cures blood cancer.

Its available free of cost at “Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai”. Create Awareness. It might help someone.

Address and Location map :

Forward to as many as u can, kindness cost nothing.

!!! Helping HANDS never HURTS !!!

Give a smile 🙂

Every 2 Seconds, someone in the country is in need of blood

Every year our nation requires about 4 Crore units of blood

out of which only a meager 5 Lakh units of blood are available

I Give Blood. Will you? That blood can only come from a volunteer donor, a person like you who makes the choice to donate. There is no substitute for your donation.

When you make a blood donation, you join a very select group. Currently only 3 out of every 100 people in America donate blood.

From its beginning, the American Red Cross has formed a community of service, of generous, strong and decent people bound by beliefs beyond themselves. The American Red Cross blood donor embodies this principle. Please join us in our mission to maintain a safe and stable blood supply by making your appointment to donate blood today.

  • Donating blood may reduce the risk of heart disease for men and stimulate the generation of red blood cells.
  • The amount of toxic chemicals (e.g. mercury, pesticides, fire retardants) circulating in the blood stream is reduced by the amount contained in given blood.
  • The good news is you can give blood again and again to help save more lives!
  • If you’re a regular blood donor, you can give blood once in 12 weeks.

Need Blood?

Register here and help others too….images

To find out where you can donate, visit or call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE (1-800-448-3543).

Want to know if you’re able to give blood? Review the donor eligibility guidelines.

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There are 92,000 people on the waiting list for organs, according to the official government web page on becoming an organ donor. If the worst comes to pass, you could know that you’ve given all that you could for someone- even a stranger- and changed their life forever, if you elect to donate your organs which you will no longer need. Even in death, you can save lives.


  1. Notify your friends and family of your noble intentions!
  2. Download, print, and carry an organ donor card.
  3. Make sure it is signed, and you either check the “Donate any needed organs or tissues” box, or you write in “Eyes” if you checked the “Only the following…” box, according to your wishes.
  4. Take the appropriate steps to have your driver’s license reflect your desire to donate.
  5. Make sure your desire to donate is reflected in any living will or advanced directives legal document you make.
  6. Consider visiting a local organ donation organization, and discussing with them what you can or should do to make sure your wishes are fulfilled.
  7. Understand that you will be examined post-mortem for whether your organs and tissues qualify (considering your cause of death and the health of your organs/tissue). You should make it known while you are living, however, if you have any conditions or diseases which would make you an unsafe or unviable donor.
  8. Rest a little easier knowing that even if the worst had come to pass, your charity and kindness will live on, and may even restore to someone the gift of sight.

Organ and Tissue Donation:

You can get your Donor Card in one of three ways:

    1. Print this page with the Donor Card Image onto cardstock.
    2. Download a PDF File page with 8 Donor Cards ready for printing. At:

    3. Order up to 10 free paper copies from the Health Resource Service Administration Website.
    This two-sided, wallet-sized organ/tissue donor card includes check-off boxes that allows you to indicate which organs you wish to donate. At:

After you have your printed card:

  • Fill in the Donor Card.
  • Cut out the card.
  • Laminate if desired.
  • Carry the Card with you in your wallet.
  • Make your wishes known.

This final step is very important. Be sure to make your wishes known about Organ Donation. Contrary to popular belief, simply signing and carrying an organ donation card is not enough. You need to talk to your family about your wishes.

Health Resource Service Administration (HSRA). Get Your Donor Card. Available at:

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