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Fire at one end and fool at the other end..
Yes it’s me ,I make certain of it, I am…
Conceived with thoughts , that blew up there so fast
A cloud in heart and de broken me..

How did this happen ,crux of quest crucifying me..
Are those the nails which stings me? Ufff.. so hard
Popping up solitude ,putting me to death
How long this could take my breath

Blurred in the fumes, poisoned is my essences
I still inhale until I stop
Flesh and blood all around, but none I could take
For you made me so cold, how did u?

Earths of imagination reckoned me so long
Immense suppositions left deposition in me so deep
Sensation of pain striving me so hard
Thoughts of hearts driving me out of cord

Out of senses u made me rejoice
So flurry am I, so crystalized is you
Victimized me, u linger around
I concede I confess ,but u have sealed me down

When did I start loving?
Why did I start this fuming?
Blessing me grievous, sustains you with smile
As u bid such wish , I lose forever……….

Title – Why did I start smoking ? || Why did I start loving?

–Mahalakshmi Thanasingh

With grace of radiant vitality
Fostering desire to eyes that view
Bloom on a summer
My monsoon Lilly,…

My desire took me higher and higher
Anticipation echoed on color and glow
Like the essence of all beautiful art
Was it you beloved Lilly to my heart!

Was that you ??? Is that you???
Supposition Ring you around as ripples!- I knew
I wish me as your stalk for unseen is my world
Your bloodless white keeps me immersed….

Hopes the ropes shackled me to beauty
Rains of pains awaited me so nearby
For I forgot my baby
“Monsoon Lilly wither so fast !!!”

A mistake or a known self fraud
Hope so , it’s not – I wanted your ever green smile…
I could not believe you could wither off
Just withered off leaving me despaired !

Wear my tear drops as dew drops to you?
Was I too the same as the breeze that once felt you??
Where is the radiance you smiled to me with????
No!!! don’t shackle me with chain of illusions please !!

Never wither off…
Don’t drop me dead baby… 😥

Posted on: July 7, 2009


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